Arnold Silverman, Vice President:

Arnold brings to Read~Verse over 40-years of computer systems experience. His knowledge and expertise with application software gained from senior management responsibilities with some of the world's largest companies provide a rich resource for Read~Verse. His national and international senior Sales and Marketing responsibilities for several renowned companies including ITT, McDonnell Douglas and C. Itoh & Co. Ltd. will provide Read~Verse an experienced and knowledgeable hand as it moves into the public sales arena. Arnold has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Rutgers University and a MBA in Marketing from CCNY.

Mark Munro, Senior Software Architect:

The cutting edge achievements of Read~Verse systems can be attributed to Mark's professional efforts. His in-depth expertise with the complete Macromedia suite, Adobe suite CS, Microsoft Suite, Adobe Acrobat client; Platforms / OS: Unix (Free BSD), PalmOS, MacOSX(Server and client), Linux: Redhat(Fedora 4,Ent 3),Mandrake, Windows 98 /XP/NT(server) / server (IIS), RAID subsystems. Languages include SQL, C / C++, PHP 4/5, ASP, Flash Actionscript, Javascript, html, CSS 2, Java. Perl 5; Server: Apache1.3/2, Apple File Server, CGI *C/Perl, FTP ProFTP, sendmail, Postfix, Qmail, Post.Office, DNS, Samba, SSH/SSL VP; N Database: MySQL, Oracle 9i,Frontbase, MS Access, and MS SQL will enable Read~Verse systems to remain at the forefront of software technology. Mark has degrees with honors from St. Francis Xavier and Acadia Universities.

Dr. Misbah Eldereiny, Islamic Scholar:

Advising Read~Verse and deserving of recognition and our continuing appreciation, Dr. Misbah Eldereiny, the founder of the Straight Way School in West Covina, California, invested over 10 years collecting, editing, and proof reading the entire Holy Koran (Quran) in its current digital form. His work is an astonishing life time achievement. Without his efforts, the system we have described herein (in development for over 15 years) would not have been possible.

Dr. Salwa Hamada, researcher:

Dr. Salwa Hamada works as a researcher at the Electronics Research Institute , Egypt, and as a part-time lecturer at Cairo University. She is the first researcher to use Arabic in her published papers in Information Technology. Her area of interest is to increase the number of Arabic digital publications and readers. She has written numerous papers on Computational Approaches to Arabic Script-based Languages. She has been invited to many international conferences in Tunisia, Emirates, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and other countries. She is mainly specialized in language analysis, evaluation, lexicon, and machine translation.
Resume and her email is Dr. Salwa Hamada email

Muhammed Ismail Batrash:

Mr. Batrash is an Arabic to English translator licensed by Damascus University since 1964. A multi-level - high school and university - English professor, he has led an English / Arabic medical terminology translation project at the Veterinary School of Medicine and Dental Medicine, Al-Baath University for over 17 years. He has been a certified Arabic English translator at the Syrian Ministry of Justice for over 15 years. Mr. Batrash is the author of "Begin in English to End in Arabic". Information on his book and translation services he offers are at his website and his email is Muhammed Ismail Batrash


Recognition must also be given to the Read~Verse professional staff. Development readers or researchers of the Koran will appreciate the accuracy and ease of finding facts in the Koran all of which is attributable to their superb efforts. In addition to Mark Munro, Lance Weaver, Rick Blackwood, Thomas Smith, Thomas Boland, Steve Farwell, and Mike G. Williams contributed to the construction of Internet objects and databases. The talented team overcame significant technical challenges for storing and retrieving Arabic letters and words to and from the databases. Special recognition should also be given to project lead, Ahmed Abdelhalim, for his creative work with Lesson Designer Software . This prized staff of professionals will support users, and will continue to enhance Read~Verse systems as new technology becomes available.


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