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Teaching the Correct Recitation of the Holy Quran using Smat phones

NOORIC Organizing Committee, Taibah University
Al- Madinah Al-Munawwarah, Saudi Arabia
College of Computer Science and Engineering, Taibah University
Al- Madinah Al-Munawwarah, Saudi Arabia 

A Proposed Model based on Audio and Visual Aids for Learning the Accurate Arabic Pronunciation

International Journal of Computer Engineering and Technology (IJCET)   International Journal of Computer Engineering and Technology IJCET 

Readverse experience in teaching Arabic to non-Arabic students
via its innovative system
International Conference for the development of Quranic Studies   King Saud University 
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Virtual Islamic and Arabic Education
Delivery Tools
Conference sponsored by King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Qur'an
and Islamic University of Madinah, October 13 to 15, 2009, Madinah, Saudi Arabia.
Madinah, Saudi Arabia.
King Fahd Complex for printing the Hoy Koran conferecne

Power Point presentation
Arabic Education
Delivery Tools
February 21- 22, 2008
En Shims University
Cairo Arabization
Koran Databases July 21-22, 2007
LSA 2007 Linguistic Institute
Stanford University, California, USA
Internet-Based, On Demand Education and Training June 25-28, 2007
Monte Carlo Resort and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Internet-based Literacy Delivery Tools January 14-15, 2007
5th Conference on E-Learning Applications
Cairo, Egypt
The American University Cairo
American University Cairo