Subject: How can the AGE system help students to practice?

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Depending upon the competence level of a student in Arabic enunciation, there are three ways to practice using AGE system as follows.

1- Advanced Level

The goal at this level is to help students increase their fluency in Arabic communication. The AGE system has a puzzle game that randomly presents a word without its first letter; the student then needs to click on a letter to produce the correct word.

For example: For the words "cat," "hat," or "rat," the system presents “-at.” To make a word, the student needs to type either "c," "h," or "r" to make a word. However, if the user makes a mistake, the system will suggest many words that include the presented letters, such as “-at.” See the illustration below.

Click on this button to start the game.

Mark the radio button of Word Game, or you can click on the Root Game radio button.

Please note that the Root Game is more advanced than Word Game.

Complete by clicking on one letter to complete a word.

In the above case, the student typed the correct letter

Clicking on will prompt the system to provide more words.


2- Intermediate level

The goal at this level is to build a large Arabic Enunciation vocabulary.

Click on this button and type a word using the Arabic keyboard.

Notice that you can search by Arabic word, by root, or by English word, and the system will render the subject word if it is found. If there is no match, the system will provide a list of the available words using group letters.

Let’s assume that you want to find the correct enunciation of this word: "went":

The system rendered the following list from which you may select the target word.

Note that the system provided the above list. You can click on the "Display" button associated with each row to hear the correct enunciation of the word.


3- Introductory level

It is highly recommended that students at this level use the following steps:

Step Practices No. of Lessons
A 12
B 29
C 6
D 20


4- Mobile Study

Students can use recording devices such as mobile telephones or video cameras to record one or many lessons. Then they can use these recordings to practice when they are away from their headquarters.